The Association of Medical Ethics Committees (AKEK) is the organisation of 52 ethics committees.
The AKEK promotes the ethical integrity and scientific quality of medical research. The protection of test persons is at the center of our activities, as is the preservation of free, progressive science in medicine.

A medical ethics committee is a body that reviews clinical studies involving human beings or their body materials. It is composed of persons from various professional groups, primarily physicians, lawyers and ethicists.

Without a positive vote by an ethics committee, it is not permitted to begin a clinical study with medical products or medical devices.

Ethics Committees

The Devel­op­ment of Med­ical Devices

Eth­i­cal, Legal and Method­olog­i­cal Impacts of the EU Med­ical Device Regulation
Dirk Lanz­erath, Sebas­t­ian Graf von Kiel­mansegg, Joerg Has­ford (Eds.). Verlag Vienna: LIT-​Verlag, 2020
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