AKEK research projects

The Association is actively involved in research projects on ethics in medical research. The aim is to investigate problems and open questions that arise in the implementation of research ethics principles in practice and to find a scientifically sound solution. The findings are made accessible to the (specialist) public through publication.

Current research projects with participation of the AKEK

PRECOPE – Preparedness and Response for Ethical Challenges in Human Subject Research during COVID-19 and similar PandEmics

Project led by Prof. Dr. Dr. Daniel Strech (Professorship for Translational Bioethics, QUEST Center, Berlin Institute of Health) in cooperation with the AKEK.

PRECOPE investigates in collaboration with the medical ethics committees of Germany the practice-oriented challenges and potential solutions regarding the implementation of ethical principles in concrete COVID-19 research projects with humans. Based on an analysis of current ethical challenges in COVID-19 research, action-oriented recommendations on the most significant challenges will be developed with the involvement of relevant stakeholders. Finally, conclusions are drawn for planning future pandemics.

Further Information

In their lectures and publications, the board members analyze further questions concerning law and ethics in medical research.